Brightness & Bravery

brightness and bravery cover2.jpg
brightness and bravery cover2.jpg

Brightness & Bravery


The sophomore studio recording from Folk/Soul singer-songwriter Layah Jane.
* 2008 Ontario Indie Music Award (Best Female)
* 2008 Toronto Indie Music Award Nomination (Best Folk)
* 2009 Folk Music Ontario "Songs from the Heart" Competition Honourable Mention
* 2009 Ontario Arts Council Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award Shortlist

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Brightness & Bravery (Grace Note Records, 2008)
Produced by Oliver Johnson
Arranged by Layah Jane and Oliver Johnson
Mixed and Mastered by Seok at Bump Music
Photography by Emma-Lee (Stripped Media)
Make-up by Robin Wright
Graphic Design by Heidi Schlitt (Indie Pool)

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  1. Armoury
  2. Put Your Foot Down
  3. With The Light On
  4. Sagegrass
  5. Willow
  6. Steppin' Out
  7. Just One
  8. Sweet Tooth
  9. Patience
  10. Don't Look
  11. Burning Low
  12. When It's Time
  13. Lay Your Head