Music and dance called me, and claimed me early on in life.

Born at home in Toronto, on the hottest day of July in 1982, I am the eldest daughter of a poet/creative writing teacher mother, and a musician/psychotherapist father. My childhood was steeped in the expressive healing arts. Handmade art decorated our walls. Living room dance parties abounded. When we were young, my sister and I would create and perform hand-spun and hearty musical theater fairy tales, for our parents and their friends.

I read somewhere once that the seeds of who a child is, and who they may become, are planted in their play...
Their callings, revealed.

I never would have known at that time, how music and dance would weave their way to the heart of my life.

Curious to know more about how my musical and movement paths converged?

You can find more of my story here.