5Rhythms movement Testimonials

"What an incredible dance and music journey! I feel light, free and released today. You are such a loving, tender and strong present guide, Layah. I loved dancing with so many dear dancing friends and the bright embodied spirits that I've never met before in the circle of rhythm."

"...It was my first time dancing ever and not knowing what to expect, I had a fabulous time letting go of my inhibitions in what felt as a safe and loving environment, expressing myself completely through body movement...It felt as if spirit was guiding me into a wonderful meditation and art of being present in my own body…"

"...Thank you so much dear Layah for gifting me with this precious time to dance with you. What a warm, open space you held for us tonight; great music;   beautiful altar.  Ah, what a treat for my tight body to just surrender to your voice, your music and the beautiful community of dancing souls.  Wow."  

"Wow! What a delicious end to the day...What a deeply moving and transformative experience. I feel complete, emptied and blissfully post-orgasmic. Thank you Layah Jane! Masterful perfection."

"Wow.... what a wave! It was a gentle ride through my body's deep space, through my presence in the room, through other's outer spaces, into my inner space, up to the ether and down to my feet planted firmly on the ground. I am ecstatic to form a new relationship with music, movement and mindfulness. Thank you Layah for facilitating such a beautiful experience...”

"Oh my goodness Layah, that was SO delicious tonight, thank you so much....You are so encouraging and supportive, and provide a very receptive and open container; a great one to do work within.”

"Tonight I danced with my edges and expanded a little more. Thank you Layah Jane for holding such sweet sacred space. 5Rhythms waves are my medicine!"

"Layah has a very welcoming warm presence that helped me feel comfortable and open to being vulnerable. She answered all my questions with a great depth of understanding. She has a very nurturing presence and so it was easy to take risks. She holds the space very well."

"Fabulously skillful facilitating. Insightful and poignant comments always both during dance and debriefs."

"I appreciate your delicious direct and warm-hearted encouragement for all of us. I felt so welcomed by you, Layah. Your demonstrations are always heartfelt and they gave me a colourful palette of moves to choose from. They also come at at the right moment to help understand the nature of a rhythm."

"It was amazing to watch Layah move and feel her strength and affirmation of personhood in and through movement - the claiming of space and gentle/fierce connection with body was particularly inspiring and validating for me. She created a space where any movement was valid, created gentle reminders and challenges for us to both go deeper and claim space for and into ourselves."

"I appreciate your grounding, inspiring, heart filled presence and the invitations you always offer us to feel ourselves deeply through the 5 rhythms. You so sensitively responsd to the energy of all of us."

"Layah is amazing. I feel so safe with her. I feel called to her as a teacher. The space she offers allows me to feel empowered in my exploration. She opens the door, and invites you to step in, but she won't step in for you. I just absolutely love her teaching style."

"Layah, you are a thoughtful and skilled teacher who models compassion and creativity. You use very accessible language to explain what I (we) needed to know in the moment - not too much, not too little. Also your encouragement and suggestions make it possible for all participants to find their own unique voice through the 5Rhythms process. You are a deep listener. It helps tremendously that you model "the ways of 5Rhythms" through your own movement by participating & demonstrating. I look forward to more."

"Layah inspires movement with her breath, her wholly committed body, and her musical selections. She is also a diligent listener, taking in what is said, taking a breath with it, and responding from her gut with what she knows. She neither rushes in nor assumes, and at the same time is clear about setting limitations and expectations. She is a talented facilitator with lots of heart."

"You are a pleasure to watch and engage with Layah- you live and breathe the rhythms in a way that conveys wordlessly the essence of the practice. This is very humbling and wonderful to see. Thank you!"

“It was an absolute pleasure to be guided and supported by your expansive and nourishing energy throughout the workshop last night. I am still basking in the delight of discovering dimensions of dance and myself that I had only dreamed of knowing prior to yesterday. Thank you for leading me to exactly where I needed to be right now in my movement journey! SO much gratitude.”